Date a Girl Who Likes Biryani

(Because I was fed up of the exhortations to date girls who read, write, travel, does handstands while riding a horse, etc.)

Date a girl who likes Biryani. Date a girl who doesn’t need to look at the menu to know what she wants. She says no to dessert every day because she has no space for it after thulping a full Biryani. Date a girl who knows her Hyderabadi from her Malabar Biryani, can distinguish between the scents of Awadhi Biryani and Chettinadu Biryani in her sleep.

Find a girl who likes Biryani. You’ll know she does because she sniffs the air in anticipation when the waiter is bringing her order. She’s the one who has chicken bones stacked neatly on the side of her plate and an empty bowl of raita beside her in restaurants (Unless she’s not finished, in which case she’s the one who’s eating Biryani.) You see the weird chick who’s peering into your plate when you’re gorging on Biryani like there’s no tomorrow? That’s the Biryani lover.

She’s the girl you run into at Shanmukha Biryanis and then again at Biryani zone. If you take a peep into her plate, she will not have touched the gravy which comes with the Biryani. That’s the mark of a true Biryani lover – the Biryani is to be had unsullied except for the gentle dulling of the spices by the raita. Sit down. She might give you a glare as the girls who eat Biryani do not like to be interrupted. Ask her if she liked her Biryani. Ask her if she thought the rice could have imbibed the masala better.

Buy her another plate of Biryani.

Let her know what you really think of Vegetable Biriyani. See if she thinks only Mutton Biryani deserves to be called Biryani.  Understand that if she says she understood what exactly the ‘Dum’ in ‘Dum Biryani’ stands for or if she’s just saying that to appear knowledgable.  Ask her if she knows Kalyani and pray she doesn’t say ‘Who?”

It’s easy to date a girl who likes Biryani. She understands there are highs and lows in a relationship and it might not always be rosy. Just like how the masala is not even throughout and the flavor might vary from part to part. Get her unexpected gifts which surprise her like the odd raisin and cashew in a Biryani. You can stop doing that after the first few weeks, because the raisins usually get over pretty fast. Sprinkle attention on her like the golden deep-fried onions sitting pretty on top of the Biryani. She’ll enjoy the attention but understand that it is really not integral to the Biryani relationship.

Make her Biryani for her birthday. Call up your mom in advance and ask her how many minutes to let it simmer on the stove.

On the day she timidly extends a casserole to you, with a blush in her cheeks, you’ll know that you have successfully captured her heart. Eat the whole of what she has given you, even if it tastes like horsecrap. Do not tell her how badly it sucks, instead tell her how it is the best biryani you have ever had. Ensure she doesn’t have even a morsel to taste. Because then she will learn the truth. She’s the girl who likes Biryani.

You will propose in Paradise Hyderabad. Or at Top Form Calicut. Or at home over a bowl of steaming goodness of rice and meat and spices. In a perfect blend. Like you and the girl who likes Biryani. Imagine her doe-eyed smile of wonder when she unearths the ring from under the juicy leg piece of chicken.

You will have a grand wedding. Where you’ll serve all the guests with the Biryani of their choice. After everyone is gone, you’ll be left alone with the girl who likes Biryani. You’ll smile happily and extend a plate of Chicken Biryani to her. And vow to share Biryani with her forever, in sickness and in health. Except if you get jaundice, in which you’ll do better to stay away from Biryani.

Grow old with the girl who likes Biryani. As old as having Biryani three times a day will allow you to. Have kids and watch her teach them to scoop Biryani onto their plate without spilling using the spoon-fork double hold. Stay in on hot summer days and order in family packs of Biryani. Cuddle around the heat of Biryani cauldron on cold winter nights. In spring, take her on walks to shed those extra pounds.

Date a girl who likes Biryani because you deserve it. You deserve a girl who can give you the tastiest life imaginable.  If you can only give her the monotony of Roti-daal, aaloo paratha, idly sambhar, you are better off alone. If you want a deeply fulfilling life with the right mixture of joy and spices little sorrows, date a girl who likes Biryani.

Or better yet, date a girl who likes Porotta-Beef Fry.

Death of a Revolutionary

Story I wrote for the Saarang Writing Awards 2011Facebook Flash Fiction Competition. The story had to fit in 10 lines and the prompt was, ‘When you have nothing left to burn, you have to set fire to yourself‘.

The revolution had failed. He would never live to see the dawn when his people would walk the streets fearlessly, their heads held high with no muzzles to bow down to. What pained him was that the people didn’t seem to want to. More than the guns of the army or the fear of the tyrant, it was the apathy of the people which had hurt the struggle the most.

At first, he had hoped that the truth would be enough to jolt the people out of their beds. Then, he was sure that the blood of their brothers would push them over the edge. When all else had failed, he had even reluctantly approved a campaign based on lies, magnifying the regime’s atrocities tenfold.

But here they were, the last remnants of the uprising hemmed in by the army on all sides and it was time for the last gamble, the one which he had hoped he would never have to make. He stepped out of his tent to meet his bodyguards dressed in the unfamiliar olive-green of the official forces and the photographer who would beam the graphic pictures of cold-blooded murder of a defenseless prisoner to the outside world. He took a deep breath, searched his mind for appropriately profound last words and said, “Alright, be quick with it.”

Where have all the sperms gone?

A question to which most people reading this will answer ‘Down the drain’, I suppose. But no, it’s not the masturbatory habits of the Indian male that elicits this lament from me, but an increasing number of alarming news articles which gives one the impression that the human sperm is an endangered species, placed somewhere between the Bengal Tiger and the Polar bear in the Red list.

The latest in this series of events happened this morning. Seated lavishly in the BMTC Volvo, the Bengaluru software engineer’s chariot of choice, I took a peek at the ToI the gent who sat ahead of me was skimming through. Regular ToI fare of skimpily clad actresses cribbing about the US Foreign policy and a random astrologer predicting Baby B’s future was snorted at, before my attention was arrested by a heading on the Science page (Yes, ToI has one).

‘Browsing the net on a laptop with wifi will kill sperms’.

ToI headlines being ToI headlines, the first thought you have is that the possibility of a sperm owning a laptop, let alone have a wifi connection is rather negligible. Then, the realisation kicked in. What the fuck. You might as well tell me breathing kills sperms. I mean, I spend more time ‘browsing the net on a laptop with wifi’ more than anything else in my life. Before I could read further, the bus pulled up at Ecospace, and I had to get down, with a disturbing piece of half-baked information. Which is arguably what you get even if you read the ToI in full, but still.

Coming back to the topic, there is no doubt that we are witnessing an alarming trend with respect to sperms. Anything and everything is supposed to make you infertile. Sperms can’t be blamed if they become fucking paranoid and think everybody’s out to get them. Because everybody is.

The first time I noticed this was when I was in school and all of a sudden, there was an alarming lack of eggs in my diet. My mother, who used to take the NECC ad where the scrawny kid breaks Sachin Tendulkar’s- REALLY! – hand very seriously and fed me bulls eye for breakfast, Omelette for lunch and Egg roast for dinner, seemed strangely against eggs all of a sudden. My habit of reading anything and everything strewn around the house, including strict no-nos for gentlemen such as Vanitha and Manorama weekly, was what helped me find out the truth eventually. I read with much amusement and some indignation, a passionate article on the evils of hormone-infested chicken which flooded the market today and laid the hormone-infested eggs which would make our children childless. I shrugged and turned the pages to Dr.Narayana Reddy’s column where he wrote about the curious cases he had come across in his illustrious career. They were, more often than not, well illustrated.

A few years later, I was lounging around in a family wedding, trying to simultaneously avoid annoying uncles who would ask me how my CAT plans were coming along and even more annoying aunties who would ask me to guess their names before soliciting free career advise for Monu and Sonu who would be in 4th and 6th standards, respectively. As always happens, I was discovered lurking before too long and was dragged into a well fed group of aunties who had just finished a hearty lunch and were looking for something juicy to chew on. Cue me.

The usual discussion on how engineering was of no use these days ensued and I stood squirming in the middle, trying to eye some of the more desirable female contingent milling around. In my impatience to get away, I palmed my phone and started fiddling with it. Suddenly, curve ball.

Mone, Where do you keep your phone?”

“Uh? In my pocket.”

“Which pocket?”

Somehow, I had a hunch of what was coming.

“Shirt pocket.”

Atha nallath. Don’t use your pant’s pocket, okay?”

Huge laughter ensues. I manage a weak smile and slink away as a new victim is ushered in. He is older and closer to marriage, so his ordeal would be longer and more terrible to behold.

Again, a year or two later, during my brief dabble with cigarettes, I’ve been told, “Never mind your lungs, kuttikalundavilla ketta?”. Open-mouthed smile Least of my concerns by the time really.

So, there you have it – mobile phones, laptops, chicken, eggs, cigarettes, alcohol – everything – only has one agenda. Killing sperms. If half of what you hear is true, then half of my generation will not father kids. The next generation might as well not bother to try at all.

Of course, there is a bright side to all of this. Once you are sure every last little bugger has been killed, you can bonk away to kingdom come without any fear of accidents whatsoever.
So there. We still win.

The Return

A few weeks ago, in an unguarded moment, I  told M that I had the writer’s block. From the array of sarcastic replies you would expect from his Size-40ness, ranging from the moderately cynical to the viciously caustic, I was lucky to escape with a mild “You are just lazy”. On another day, I might have been made to regret my audacity in terming myself a ‘writer’ on the basis of a few thousand words here.

Anyway, I had come to pretty much the same conclusion. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a writer’s block, really. You either write or you do not. There might be moments when you feel that the quality of your output is not what it ought to be or can be. But that’s not an excuse, at least for a blogger for whom a rigorous evaluation of his work is the least of concerns. Such moments might stretch to a few hours, or a few days perhaps. An exile from writing for months or years is entirely due to lack of effort from the writer, surely.

The other day, M and R compared my output to that of Kubrick’s. I was quick to wave away the complement, as it appeared. Unfortunately I was a bit too quick, blushing before M clarified that he was only referring to the frequency and in no way, to the quality. Another awkward moment, saved by a quick swig of coffee.

M is reasonably prolific as a blogger and R is even more so, a fact that I found out only recently, since he hardly ever promotes what he writes, anywhere. You could think he writes only for his own eyes. You could very well be right, knowing R.Anyway, both of them couldn’t understand what prevents me from writing more often.

What really eats into my blogging is my habit of rererewriting. I have to go over each sentence again and again to sound out the best way to say it, which hardly ever ends satisfactorily. Ultimately, I settle for a compromise and move on, by which time, the window and more importantly the desire to write would have evaporated. This is a blatant contradiction to Heinlein’s rules for writing, as it contradicts the first and most important 3 rules.

  • You must write.
  • You must finish what you start.
  • You must refrain from rewriting except to editorial order.

I have to push myself to trust my instincts and just be done with it(which sounds kind of wrong) , but which is what I am trying to do now.

When returning from exiles, self-imposed or otherwise, you ought to do it with a bang. Like N S Madhavan did with Higuita. After staring at a blank screen for hours, willing it to produce my own outrageous sporting figure with an interesting real world parallel, I decide to do away with the bang. For the moment, I will just slink in silently. Casting around for a topic to write on, I consider and reject from a variety of topics – Bangalore(too wide),Endhiran(too torturous),Roy Hodgson(too early),M’s secrets(too dangerous), Quizzing(cannot come close to this), my hair(too awesome) and so on.

After some more days of this, I realized I didn’t need a topic. I could just do this.

From the Dark Side of the Moon


No other word can describe what happened tonight better, though ‘catastrophe’ might be another good bet.

The best fuckin football team on earth lost to, erm.. Switzerland. No pushovers themselves, and certainly no DPR Korea, but still only Switzerland. They run banks. They make cheese. And they play football on the side. And they beat Spain. You call that fair? You call that FUCKIN fair?

By now, you’ve already figured that this post will be the ‘Casino‘ of blog posts. Bear with it.

I’ve been supporting Spain quite vocally in Facebook and Twitter and pissed off some evil South Americans. I’ve celebrated the stuttering wins of Brazil and Argentina as if they were bad losses and rubbed it in their faces. Which pissed them off even more. I guess I should’ve known what was coming. Karma. Bitch. Fuck.

The football we’ve played over the last 2 years have been orgasmic. Save one game versus the Americans where Sergio Ramos was a sissy fuck. And the Americans had an organised and determined defense. Ringing bells.

The Swiss were expected to park the bus. The first temptation is to slate them for playing ‘Anti-football’. But once you think it over, what chance do you have against the best passing side in the world? Any, if at all, lie in being a fucking wall. Being a fucking wall which can anticipate, block, stand firm, and kicking the assholes up against you into submission when necessary. Which was most of the time. And go on the counter with what little you’ve got and hope the best upcoming international centreback, a most experienced one and one of the world’s best keepers fuck up together.

They did just that. And all the pieces, each and every fucking one of them, fell into position. The wall was so omnipresent that even Xavi fucking Hernandes couldn’t pass his way through it. Xavi. THE BEST PASSER IN THE WORLD. FUCK . And God, that’s the ugliest goal I’ve seen in a World Cup, even from a neutral perspective. But Who cares? The Swiss won’t give a flying fuck, and rightly too, coz they had a gameplan , and they executed it to fucking perfection.

Standing, from L to R : What, The and Fuck.

Do they count possession? 67-33. No. Do they count shots on goal? 24-7. Twenty fucking four. No. Do they count fair play? 18 fouls suffered to 8. No. What do they count? GOALS. 1-0. Football needs an overhaul, baby. Not.

Now let’s move on to me. The aforementioned evil South Americans and just about every fucking passerby defiled my Facebook profile. It saw more activity in a day than it’s seen in fucking years. Kind of like a teenager getting gangbanged. Can you believe that the generally mildmannered Captain Chandrakant Nair made 21 comments on various posts in my profile and more in his. Don’t get me started on the vindictiveness of HVR who was physically exhausted from gloating and harassing me, if such a thing can happen. You’ll get a clear picture, if you know the said gent in person and imagine what it must take to exhaust him. Others, please imagine Po with the personality of The Joker.

Being a reasonably intelligent and mostly successful person, I don’t get into many embarrassing situations. But today was a day, my friends, I fucking hope never to live again.

Back to football. The Swiss being a team which haven’t let in a goal in their last 4 worldcup games, I guess , on second thoughts, this , while being an unexpected occurrance, is explainable. They shut shop and we didn’t have a plan B, simple as that. But Chile and Honduras are hardly sides which can do what the Swiss did, half as effectively. Chile are an attacking side, they will play 4-3-3, go gung-ho and play into our hands, while Honduras is just not good enough to keep Spain at bay for 90 minutes. Plus, there is the little matter of the wounded pride and desperation. This is part analysis and part speculation and part hope.

What the heck? I declare we will beat the fucking hell out of them.  The time for modesty is long past and being modest is no fun, anyway. I’ve always been a gambler. Hence I’ve stuck my neck out on Facebook again and made all the manly declarations I just made and in addition , threatened the South American fucks of the repercussions of the Samba they danced today on my modesty.

It is quite likely that we meet at least one of the said South American once we roar into the next round. Indeed, I pray fervently for it. Nothing can be worse for me than tonight. On the other hand, it can be the awesomest of all awe-fucking-some things to happen in this world since Istanbul if we do exact revenge. Not their revenge though, my revenge.

They will do it for me. I know they will. My team. My playahs.Viva Espana.

Tonight’s just a blip. Go get them, mothafuckahs . Or as they say in Spain,

A Por Ellos!!!

PS: The title is an inside joke. Between me and the BFP. Which is quite brilliant, believe me. So you are free to smile at it . If you insist you must  know it, say so in the comments. 🙂

Image courtesy : Zimbio . com

Are You Homeophobic?

Rock was adamant in his stand on Homeopathy. “Bloody Quacks, the lot of them”, he raged, ” Cattle doctors”.

Scissors said that the statement was wrong on multiple levels. Not only did he refuse to believe that the respectable practitioners of homeopathy were quacks, he also raised an objection to the intonation that a cattle doctor was in any way less respectable than any other doctor. Not to mention that he failed to understand the relation between Homeopathy and Cattle doctoring. Or veterinary science, coming to think of it.

“Give me solid proof, mate and I will begin to consider a homeopath for an itch on my little finger”.

It was on this note that Paper entered. Scissors gave a cry of joy. A most reliable guy, he had always felt, though he could go to pieces at times. And Rock was cowered in his presence.Moreover, Scissors knew that Paper had just been to a homeopathy clinic recently and with some luck, was freshly in awe of it.

“Lend me a hand, buddy, I’m getting crushed here”

“What up, folks?”

“Well, Rock here takes a narrow view of homeopathy. He thinks they are all fakes and he wouldn’t go to them even to treat an itch. I’m trying to make him see reason. They might not be the best around, but they know their job”.

“Well, dude, I should say he has something there. In particular, he has done particularly well to figure out the itch part.”

“Whaaaa? You take homeo stuff all the time.”

“Not all the time, and certainly not any more. Not one more fuckin time in my life.”

“Why? What did the doctor do to inspire such murderous feelings? ”

“You sure you want to know?”

“Damn yes, I do.”

“Okay, here goes.”

Thus it came to pass that Rock and Scissors were made to swear an oath of secrecy which would stand till hell freezes over and were told this story by a strangely straight-faced Paper.

I am not an ardent believer in homeopathy by any stretch of imagination. When my nose clogs up and body burns, I gulp a Paracetamol down like any sane chap. But I used to root for homeo for some specific maladies. For example, there is nothing which soothes an itch like the good old tiny sugar balls. Thus, when it came to itsy-bitsy stuff on the skin, I’ve always made a beeline for the nearest clinic which hands out sugar balls and the not-chalk powder.

As you know, I was away in the village for a week, visiting my cousin. I thought a week in the good old rural setup would do me a world of good after all the stress I’ve been coping with, lately. I came back with a light heart, a clear head and an itchy groin. Very itchy groin. I am still not clear as to where I made the purchase from. Probably it had something to do with the hours spent in mud, playing ball, or maybe not. All I knew is that I was just not able to keep my hands away from my balls for a second. I will not traumatize you with a description of the crime site. But let me assure you it was not a pretty sight.

Long story short, I ended up in front of the Doc. You know me, no one can accuse me of being reserved. But I become strangely out of my element in front of a doctor. The chap has to make his diagnosis based on subtle nods( “motion? “) and subtler shakes (“loose?”).

However it was soon clear that this one  had no intention of letting me off lightly. He launched into a monologue on the history and nature of homeopathy, despite the sight of me scratching away to glory right in front of eyes.

“You see, Mr.Paper, Homeopathy is all about communication. A drug which helps one fellow might not help the next fellow. It might not even help himself , a couple of years down the line. So, for me to treat your itch effectively, I need to have a complete picture of your emotional and physical state. Communication, you see.”

I nodded vigorously. Try nodding vigorously with both your hands in your underwear, it’s no mean feat. It affects the balance, I tell you.

“Traditionally, we homeopaths have depended on our analytic skills and memory to help diagnose and cure the worst diseases known to humanity. And we’ve been doing fine.”


“But now, it’s much simpler. Just look at this new software I ordered from Belgium. Cost me 7 lakhs, but it diagnoses all diseases and prescribes the compounds required to cure them, once you type in all the symptoms and the mental and physical traits of the patient. Reduces our workload considerably, don’t you think?”

I thought it left them with absolutely zilch to do. Any nursery kid could play homeo doctor with the software. Probably the thought crossed him too, a moment of puzzled silence showed.

I interjected, ” Sir, the itch started last week…”

“Ah yes, the itch. We’ll get to the point, right?”

About fuckin’ time.

“Tell me, do you like going out a lot, Paper?”

“Yes, sir, but the itch….”

“It is necessary to understand the canvas before you can paint a picture on it, my dear fellow. So, tell me , are you an extrovert?”

The doc seemed very devoted to the holy tenets of homeopathy. I gave in to the fact that I would not leave the room until the guy knew me inside out. And he had apparently just spent a bomb on the software, so it was understandable that he wanted to give it a proper run out.

“You could  say that, Sir”.


He gave a toothy smile and turned to the system and typed in ‘Extrovert’.

“Do you like physical activity? Sports?”

“Yes, sir, I play football”.

He turned and crunched the keyboard again.

“Do you lie a lot, son?


“Whaaat?” Said Rock and Scissors.

“You have to be honest to your doctor, kiddo, and in homeopathy, doubly so. So, out with it”.

“Well, I suppose I do, sometimes, sir. “

I was rewarded with an I-thought-so grin and in went ‘Compulsive Liar’. Now, that was a moment for righteous indignation, if ever there was one and I was about to give vent to my hurt feelings. But then, I remembered that it was better to get out of here as soon as possible and I should just play along. So, I braved another 10 minutes of inane questions and gave straight-faced answers and winced as a very shady character was being painted in the Belgian software.

And then.

“Okay, now I’ll have a look at it. Open up, son”.

“Erm… Is that really necessary, doc?”

“What do you mean, of course, its necessary. How will I treat you otherwise?”

Well, to be fair to him, the questions till the moment had dwelt on my social habits rather than the itchy groin, so he needed to have a look for the diagnosis to have a bit of credibility at the very least. I obliged him and dropped my pants.

Armed with a torchlight, he inspected Ground Zero. A few weird Oohs and Aahs later, he was back up.

“I am impressed.”


“The itch is of a malevolent variety. In fact, you are lucky that I happen to be researching on it at the moment. I know just the thing to kill this chap.”

“You do? Nice.” The ordeal seemed to be heading for a finish earlier than I had hoped for.

“But, before that…


“Can I have a click?”


“Whaaaaaaaaa?” Echoed Rock and Scissors.

“Can I take a picture of the infection?”

“Is THAT really necessary?”

“Well, as I told you, I’m doing research on the disease and a picture of such a delightful variation would do me proud.”

“I’m not sure I like the idea, Doc”.

“No names will be used and unless you have your name tattooed down there, no one is ever going to know. Why cannot you do a good turn with no harm done at all to anyone?”

I was in a tight place here. I did not like the idea of my private parts appearing on an international journal or much less, floating around the WWW. I did not like it ONE BIT. But then, as he said, no one will ever have to know about this, and it would be churlish to deny him in the situation.

What made my decision is my desire to get out of there. The itching had receded a bit. I could grab whatever the guy extends me and get something proper for it , later, if it did turn out to be horseshit. At the moment, cooperation seemed to be the better bet. I nodded my head and the doc fetched his camera with disturbing glee.

I made sure he was not getting anything which would remotely lead back to me , in focus and shut my eyes tight to keep out the sight no one should ever be subjected to , their genitals being photographed.


He had a smug smile. I sighed with relief, at last I was getting out of here.

But it lasted only a moment. He turned to the keyboard where the software waited with a page long list of some very undesirable character traits.

And typed in capitals.


And that is why I lay off homeopathy now, fellas.” Concluded Paper.

“Not faulting you. Scissors? ”

“Opened my eyes”.

Thus, as always, Rock beat Scissors.