About Me

My name is Abdul Raouf and I’m a software engineer who writes in his spare time. At some point of time, I would like to write a book like anyone who has strung ten sentences together but given how infrequently I even manage a post here, it is highly unlikely.

I enjoy writing, yet I find it really difficult to keep myself motivated to write more. Thankfully, I’m sufficiently shallow to let your comments – both appreciation and criticism – push me to write more. Please leave a note if you have any feedback at all, I promise to reply to every comment.

Thank you!


18 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. love ur writing..”date a girl who loves biryani”…was such a winner..we had a big rofl and lol and even now I’m smiling

  2. I just loved reading your article. I know what kalyani biryani is as my son is very fond of it( I do not eat ) . We love other biryanis too like kheema biryani , avakai biryani etc.:-)

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