It’s been months since I added something to or even visited my old blog. Not that I didn’t have the time.And now I’m back….


It’s been months since I added something to or even visited my old blog. Not that I didn’t have the time. Contrary to popular perception, engineering students, at least those care about it equally as I do, have plenty of time in our hands. Though nowadays I’ve been dedicating more and more time to developing my career as a -for want of a better word- professional quizzer and am supposed to dedicate the rest of my time to CAT preparations. However I manage to find myself free to play FIFA or watch a movie, almost all of the time. A mystery , for those who do not know me. My friends will be glad to throw light on the fact that whatever jobs I am given, I put them off till the deadline and then manages to extend the deadline and repeat the cycle.

Coming back to the point, it wasn’t the lack of time which took me away from blogging, rather my disgusting habit of losing interest in things halfway through, particularly if they don’t seem as rewarding as they promised at first. For good measure, the free webhosting fucked up pretty soon. I was quite ignorant of the finer details of the blog setup, Rajuettan’s involvement saved me all of that. I gave it up as a bad job.

And now I’m back. Thanks to the Lord’s restaurant opposite CET. More precisely, the steps which connect the diner’s area to the wash. Even more precisely, the third step from the top.

Sigh, I suppose the blame lies with me and not with the poor inanimate mass of concrete. How can I blame it for me missing it while going down it’s peers?

Long tale. However the long and short of it is that I am confined to a very limited area for the good part of the two coming weeks. After all, there is only so much space you can cover on one foot.

More soon…..

It's not as bad,folks...
It's not as bad,folks...

One thought on “Back.”

  1. After the long wait, Raoufolution returns! Been waiting for it. Sorry to hear abt the tragedy. On the brighter side, it will bring more words of wisdom from Raoufbhai..Get well soon and keep rocking!

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